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What Is Branding & why is it important? 


Precisely what is the difference between a brand and a business? A brand is composed of the elements associated with a company that creates an experience.


A brand can also consist of the feeling one has when they step into that business's location or visit their website. A brand's components are a logo, its colors, and images they use across the internet.


A brand includes the message presented and the tone of messaging used in communicating to customers. Branding is also the stories a business tells about what, how, and why they do what they do.


A brand also states a business's principles or the values they stand by. Lastly, it builds connections with those that can identify with the overall package of that business's branding. 

Your Business is the product or services your are offering, your branding footprint will guide how people feel about your business. 

Our Exclusive Services

Brand Creation/Refresh

We start with a consultation meeting to discuss your needs for branding or relaunch or refresh your brand’s image and messaging.  Branding for the digital marketing arena is more than just having a logo and posting on social media platforms. It is an art and science to marketing your brand and why your brand fills the need. 



Logos are one of the first things people may remember at a glance about a product or company. Your logo is your visual marker. A logo represents your brand's style, values and builds recognition.  At Social Media Seen, we can help you refresh if you're looking to update the logo design, shape, or typography or start from scratch for a new business or a rebranding launch. 


Brand Portfolio Guide

The brand portfolio is a guide created from the logo, brand colors, typography, and carefully selected social media platform posting templates.  The guidebook helps keep you on the mark with your brand’s aesthetics, messaging, and values. 


Social Media Platform Creation and redesign

Are you using the right platforms for your brand? Not all platforms are the same, obviously, and yet some are using those platforms as if they are, and not all social media platforms have to be used by some.  Determining which, what, and how for social media can be daunting can lead to inconsistent and inaccurate usage. We want to help you streamline but continue to grow on social media, which is why we offer an in-depth analysis of your social media marketing processes.


We will also include a social media starter kit that will consist of
custom-created templates for social media platforms. The templates will incorporate the colors, fonts, and logo for your brand and will be sized precisely for each social media platform and be reused by your brand. 

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